Ebook Bundle - How To Start A Profitable Business From Home

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After years of research and experience with successful (and failed) businesses, I've finally finished my ebook which teaches you how to start your own profitable company from home with just a laptop and credit card.

I've made it super simple to read and follow so anyone can understand it. I've also included a workbook manual that you print out and complete. It contains checklists, requirements, and questionnaires for establishing a successful business model.

The whole reason why I started this book was because I wanted to teach other people how to follow their passion. I'm tired of watching people give up on their passion because they can't afford it, or they don't have enough time because they have a part-time or full-time job. I truly believe you can become prosperous and wealthy by doing what you love and working on what you're passionate about. And one thing I've learned is that the people who follow their passion are often the most likely to succeed. I cover some of the most basic and fundamental steps to starting your own business, such as:

  • business legal requirements
  • accounting & financials
  • marketing strategies
  • how to advertise properly
  • creating an automated business

I didn't get into business or writing to make money, I got into business because I had ideas and dreams that I was passionate about. But the only way to make my vision a reality was to start my own company. I was sick and tired of working for other people, and doing jobs I hate just to make money.

So I created this entire folder that gives future entrepreneurs the basic tools and resources they need to get started and create their own company based on their own passion with just a lap top and credit card. I've created an exclusive google drive folder that contains not just the full ebook and accompanying workbook manual, but also additional resources such as:

  • Sample Business Plan
  • Lean Business Model Canvas
  • Store Trust Checklist
  • Sample Sales/Ad Copy
  • Templates For Marketing/Advertising
  • Marketing Portfolio Templates
  • And more useful resources and links

In one of the documents I even give a list of all the programs, websites, and services I use to run my businesses. I'm fairly new to all of this, but I'm also learning how to create video tutorials so I can teach other people how to do things like make their own logo, create a drop-shipping store, creating marketing content, etc.

Purchase includes:

  • Full ebook pdf (printer-friendly)
  • Printout workbook manual pdf (printer-friendly)
  • Access to a Google Drive folder with additional resources such as samples and templates for web design, SEO, sales/ad copy, content material, useful articles, and links to programs I actually use for my store.
  • *NEW* Access to an online forum where you can talk to other people about the book and your experience with starting a business. This is a great opportunity for networking and forming new partnerships.

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