The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions and is culpable for nearly about 20% of wastewater. Fashion consumes even more energy than both the shipping and aviation industries.

We all contribute to this by consuming cheap fast fashion and the change starts with you. It starts with your awareness of a better environment free from climate threat. It starts when you work with us to create a difference - an eco-friendly fashion brand. We are conscious about waste which why we stick with production on demand.

Our drive for sustainable fashion has informed our partnership with Printful. Unlike fast fashion brands that manufacture in bulk to save money, we avoid overproduction with Printful. Printful only prints a product when you place an order, that way, we can reduce the 92 million tons of textiles going to waste every year.

With a game-changing partnership with Bella+Canvas, you can be assured that our cloth manufacturing process is eco-friendly. Just like you, environmental consciousness is our passion, and our partnership with Bella + Canvas limits water wastage, recycles waste by- products, and relies only on solar energy.

Our ethical approach to fashion ensures that we address the problem fashion creates and provide a lasting solution with the best organic fashion varieties.

We try to ensure that all of our products are produced ethically with sustainable materials. It's that simple. We want to make sure that when you buy something from our store, you know for a fact that it has been researched and tested thoroughly in order to meet our standards for high quality sustainable clothing.
We are dedicated to continuously evolving and improving our business practices. Nothing is perfect in life, but we strive to continuously do our best to become better at what we do, to create better products, and to produce more value for our customers. If you ever feel like we haven't fulfilled these requirements, feel free to contact us and we will do everything we can to fix that. That's how dedicated we are.