The passion for organic fashion remains our core since the creation of Elevate Clothing Company™ in 2019. Our exquisite clothing line is not only an eco-friendly fashion brand, but it’s also a fashion movement that builds a voice with you. We share your vision for a stable environment, we don’t only help you spread the vision, we help you look good while doing it. 

Elevate Clothing Company™ is not just eco-friendly, it is designed to last, all clothes are made from sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, 100% organic cotton, and plastic. Curated with care so that you can wear your T-Shirt, Hoodie, or jewelry till it becomes your favourite comfort wear, lucky charm, or something old and beautiful to remind you of the best memories.


The Problem

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet, and everyone knows this by now. It may seem like a single t-shirt isn't a big deal, but multiply that by seven billion people and you have a big problem. All of these clothes means lots of resources being used, wasted, and pollution being generated which ends up in landfill and harms the environment. Not to mention the cruel conditions which some of our clothing are made in so producers can maintain high profit margins while creating poor working conditions for employees.

The Solution

The only way to solve pollution and global warming is for each and every individual to take responsibility for their actions and carbon footprint. Every action we make in society has ecological, economic, social, and political consequences. Therefore, it makes sense that we should only try to buy those things which are 1. sustainably made with environmentally-friendly materials and no harsh toxic chemicals, 2. products which are ethically made from start to finish, and 3. clothing which is also comfortable, simple, and stylish. 

Starting with You

You hear the news about the havoc of mass production, pollution, and overpopulation around the globe and you’ve discovered that the fashion industry is a major culprit. Without doubt, the wreck is a collective effort, so is the solution. It takes you to change the world. Why not start with a sustainable fashion brand?

The clothes you wear may seem only a little more than a negligible basic need that deserves less attention other than the brand and color combination. But it’s more than that. Fashion trend changes, taste changes, but the climate won’t change if you refuse to be sustainable fashion conscious. At Elevate, we create a platform to help you change the environment, your fashion taste is not only meant to turn heads, but it is also meant to change the world.


Our goal is to be 100% completely self-sufficient and sustainable by 2023. This means we will try our best to exemplify the three standards set above and establish a completely organic and natural clothing line inspired by spirituality, sustainability, and ethics which is reflected in everything from the designs, the materials, the production, and the sale of the product.  


Brand Identity

Whether you are shopping online or in a mall, you’ll see the brand name of your favourite T-shirt or jacket, but you’ll never know the story of how it was made. The clothes you wear determine identity, appearance, and quality of life, when you wear our sustainable fashion brand, you do not wear high quality and comfortable clothes, you are the become the centrepiece of ethically made clothing. We’ve built a tribe of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion movement since 2019 by letting our customer’s in on the full gist, from how it was made to all smallest detail you should know about so that.

Quality Means Affordability

You don’t have to break the bank to invest in an eco-friendly wardrobe. We have invested hugely in organic fashion evolution to prevent waste and boost recycling. Every material is put to the best use, so we get more out of little. We cater to your various fashion taste in exchange for only a small sum.

About Me 

My name's Soroush and I'm the founder and owner of Elevate Clothing Company™. I came up with the idea for Elevate when I was looking for sustainable clothes that matched my spiritual lifestyle and ethical values but wasn't too expensive either. I started Elevate in the summer of 2019 with less than $300 in my bank account, but a huge vision. I wanted to create a clothing company that did not just sell spiritual or sustainable clothing, but also benefited the environment and humanity in a large way. The problem is that the fashion industry incentivizes capitalism and greed, meaning it is easier to sell cheaply made clothing produced in sweat shops, than it is to sell premium quality clothing made with sustainable materials that didn't harm any people, animals, or nature in any way in their production.
Buying clothes shouldn't be complicated. I believe that if we want to solve the modern problems of mass production, over population, and pollution, then we need to stop behaving in selfish and toxic ways on a global scale. This means each person has to change their own behaviour and fix their own problems before they can actually make a meaningful difference in the world and other people's lives. For some people, the clothing they buy and wear may not seem like a big deal. But it is a big deal, because practically everyone on this planet wears clothes daily, meaning billions of clothing items have been and will be produced. If everyone thinks this way, then it is only a matter of time until we reach the point of no return and harm the environment in ways that can't be fixed.
The clothes you wear determine your appearance, quality of life, and identity. When you buy clothes at the mall or online, most of the time you don't know the entire story of how that particular clothing item was made, what it's made of, and the people who created it. Therefore, I created a benevolent and ethical lifestyle brand where you know exactly where your clothes came from and how they're made. The problem with the fast-fashion trend of modern society is that clothes are bought and sold on the basis of cheapness or extravagance. A lot of big chains and brands even use slaves to create clothes at a lower expense so they can make more profit, while negatively impacting the environment and abusing the Earth's resources. When it comes to the clothing you wear on a daily basis, you want something that's comfortable, sustainable, and affordable. That's the purpose of Elevate: to create high quality, ethically-made clothing at an affordable price.